clusterctl backup

DEPRECATED. Please use clusterctl move --to-directory instead.

Backup Cluster API objects and all dependencies from a management cluster.

clusterctl config repositories

Display the list of providers and their repository configurations.

clusterctl ships with a list of known providers; if necessary, edit $HOME/.cluster-api/clusterctl.yaml file to add a new provider or to customize existing ones.

clusterctl help

Help provides help for any command in the application. Simply type clusterctl help [command] for full details.

clusterctl restore

DEPRECATED. Please use clusterctl move --from-directory instead.

Restore Cluster API objects from file by glob. Object files are searched in the default config directory or in the provided directory.

clusterctl version

Print clusterctl version.

clusterctl init list-images

Lists the container images required for initializing the management cluster.