clusterctl commands

clusterctl alpha rolloutManages the rollout of Cluster API resources. For example: MachineDeployments.
clusterctl alpha topology planDescribes the changes to a cluster topology for a given input.
clusterctl completionOutput shell completion code for the specified shell (bash or zsh).
clusterctl configDisplay clusterctl configuration.
clusterctl deleteDelete one or more providers from the management cluster.
clusterctl describe clusterDescribe workload clusters.
clusterctl generate clusterGenerate templates for creating workload clusters.
clusterctl generate providerGenerate templates for provider components.
clusterctl generate yamlProcess yaml using clusterctl’s yaml processor.
clusterctl get kubeconfigGets the kubeconfig file for accessing a workload cluster.
clusterctl helpHelp about any command.
clusterctl initInitialize a management cluster.
clusterctl init list-imagesLists the container images required for initializing the management cluster.
clusterctl moveMove Cluster API objects and all their dependencies between management clusters.
clusterctl upgrade planProvide a list of recommended target versions for upgrading Cluster API providers in a management cluster.
clusterctl upgrade applyApply new versions of Cluster API core and providers in a management cluster.
clusterctl versionPrint clusterctl version.